Spaaremaa Wellfest

All good things start from the spa and the sauna!

26 – 30 April 2017

With 1200 spa places for 14 000 inhabitants makes Kuressaare the town that has probably the biggest number of spas per population in the world – and that is why the island has got a lovely nickname: Spaaremaa (Spa – Saaremaa). Saaremaa itself is already like a big and nice spa – fresh air, warm sun, good facilities for exercising in the nature, facilities for relaxation and health recovery, well-known local food on the table.

The 2017 Spaaremaa Wellfest takes place at the end of April and is full of activities for the whole family! During the days of Spaaremaa Wellfest the spa hotels in Saaremaa offer really good prices, not available outside this period.

During the festival period, both spa hotels and a number of other companies carry out a great variety of wellness and health related events. For the first time, the Estonian open championship to identify the best spa takes place. The Business and Tourism Conference provides inspiration for developing new ideas and products. The Wellness Fair in the Saaremaa Spa Hotel Meri is a good chance to obtain products for taking a good care of your body and soul. The Saturday Night Open Saunas allow experiencing different sauna rituals all over the island. In addition, there are workshops, lectures, a photo competition and many other interesting events to attend.

Have a look at the exciting programme and take the advantage of special offers!

Spaaremaa Wellfest 2017 tunnuspilt - Teele Viira

Special Offers

The whole island of Saaremaa is just like a huge spa – clean air, warm sunshine, possibilities for outdoor sports, relaxing and boosting your energy level, pure and delicious Saaremaa food…

The Spaaremaa Wellfest allows choosing among a number of packages and to be enjoyed by big and small spa-friends.

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Main events of the Programme

  • 1-30 April Photo Competition;
  • At 15:00 on 26 April, the Estonian Open Championship to identify the best spa;
  • From 10:00 – 16:00 on 29 April, the Wellness Fair;
  • From 17:00 – 22:00 on 29 April, the Saturday Night Open Saunas;
  • At 12:00 on 30 April, outdoor event “Kuressaare – the sun capital of Estonia” in the centre of Kuressaare;
  • At about 13:00 on 30 April, the merry orienteering game in the centre of Kuressaare.
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