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Hike with Heritage Tours: Secret places and sauna pleasures of Ultima Thule

  • duration: 5-6 hours (from afternoon till evening)
  • category: easy
  • clothing: hiking boots and weather-proof clothes
  • suitable also for children

Nature guides help to discover the well kept secrets of the northwestern Saaremaa. A 3-4 km hike ends on Maali creativity farm.

The farm hostess introduces the farm fairyland and the house of a witch. To indulge the body and soul, hikers make some body scrub and learn about different whisks. A sauna heated with firewood feels like ancient times. Spell-words and songs help to whisk health back in bones and shine in eyes. Dipping in a barrel filled with water helps to cool your body.

After having a sauna, a rich meal is awaiting ahead in a romantic chamber. Also children find a lot to do on the farm. Towels are included in price, sauna beer can be bought on the farm.

Price for 4 220€
Price for 10 315€

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